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Pocket Listings & Fractional Ownership

Some property owners want to sell all of part of their property ownership but do not want signs posted in front or to be listed on the Internet.  Pocket listings are only exposed to qualified buyers who have taken the time to come down and visit the area.  After I have screened them to make sure they are real buyers, if I have a pocket listing, which I have, on a full or fractional ownership  that might fit what they are looking for I will show it to them.
  Fractional ownership of luxury vacation homes in Mexico is a relative new concept.  Here at Punta it allows you to enjoy six to 12 weeks of home ownership privileges per year in your favorite destination at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership hassle-free of the problems of repairs, maintenance or housekeeping.  Everything is included in the price, including all the toys and vehicles.  The property is taken care of by a professional management company.  It is an asset of your estate and you receive a Title Insurance policy covering your interest as part of the purchase.